Hard to believe that i have so few pictures of myself. Guess I am just more comfortable behind the camera. Love travel, antique shopping, nature and meeting nice people along the way. Stay tuned for way more photos yet to come. Enjoy, V

please email me at if you have any questions!!!

in order to help pay for the expensive camera equipment it takes to get photos like these, i am selling photos here on this website. you can download all photos to facebook or send in an email for free, my treat. if you would like to print a photo, please do it through my website. the quality of the image will be much greater than if you try to print yourself. there is an option at bottom of page for prints and gifts. very small fee which goes to paying for website and camera equipment. if your team would like me to come take photos, please send me an email and i will try to arrange.

p.s. i would make me very happy if after viewing photos, you leave a comment. i spend hours taking and editing photos and hardly ever get any feedback. thanks!!!

if you are having a party or event that you would like have photographed, please feel free to contact me. i love taking photos, especially candids, and would be very happy to discuss all possibilities.